template expectations

You will receive a call two business days prior to your scheduled template date with a time window for the templater’s arrival. These time-frames are estimates based on the day’s schedule so we recommend having some flexibility within your schedule in case a prior template runs quickly or longer the expected.

  • A decision- maker must be on-site to answer any questions the templater may have or to address any issues he may discover during the template.
  • Do not schedule other trades to be in the same space when the template is being preformed and keep activity in the space to a minimum (i.e. keep kids, pets, and other traffic out of the space)

Very Important Information Below

If the templating machine is accidentally bumped it can throw off the entire process and void any work completed.

Sinks, faucets, cook tops, downdrafts, and any other appliances being used which affect counter top fabrication must be on-site at the template.

countertop replacement

The top is not always required to be removed but it is recommended for the best fit. If a top is left in place, it must be totally cleared. It is always recommended that existing backsplash is removed (top thickness differs from laminate, solid surface, etc. so existing backsplash will not necessarily fit with tops). Any modifications, cabinet additions, wall changes, apron sinks, etc. should be installed or completed prior to template.

New Build | Full Remodel

Cabinets, panels, corbels, spacers, apron sink, etc. must be permantlly installed prior to template and MUST NOT BE REMOVED once template is complete as this will affect counter top fit. You should receive a re-quote if any changes were made at template (additional overhang, tops, etc.)

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